About Us

WesTool designs, builds and repairs compression, injection, Reaction injection (RIM), Resin transfer (RTM), as well as other types of mold tools. We also build and repair secondary equipment, special machines and check gages.

WesTool was created on January 1, 1999 by a team of mold building professionals with many years of experience in the molding industry. We are a modern, fully climate controlled, 25,000 square foot facility. We have a 10 ton, 15 ton and 40 ton crane. Our 40 ton has a 15 ton auxiliary hook for ease in rolling large molds. We have a machining envelope of 90 by 161 inches. Our spotting press is 100 by 200 inches. We have built tooling from less than 100 pounds to over 100,000 pounds.

We are located in Temperance, Michigan, just north of Toledo, Ohio. We are just minutes from Interstate 75 and 80, major North, South and East, West highways.

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