Global Partners

Westool has created alliances with several high quality shops in China and Taiwan. These shops have been thoroughly vetted in person by Westool staff. They have the highest quality standards. Over the years of these alliances we have been fortunate to serve a group of well known multinational customers such as Nissan, Honda, General Motors and Toyota as well as many others.

These partnerships bring unique opportunities to your tooling purchase. You will work with Westool in the US for design review. This assures you get the tool built to your specifications. All components will be to your specifications even if they are not available overseas. We work together with our partners to maximize your savings while eliminating risk. What you get as the customer is the ease of buying in the US and the cost advantages of buying in Asia.

Also, you do not have to worry about support. The cost will include start up support from Westool. You will always have support for engineering changes and mold maintenance at competitive rates by a US shop familiar with the project. Design and data will be in the US and easily available to you.

So, if you have been wondering how to take advantage of the global tooling market, contact us for information.

Designed by Chad Ackerman